Financial planning guides

Financial planning advice is 'lifetime advice'. To help you gain a general understanding of certain concepts and the application of simple strategies, we have developed a series of educational guides to help you through every stage of your life.

For more information, please contact your Bridges financial planner. If you don't already have one, please call us on 1800 645 303 and we can put you in touch with a Bridges financial planner near you.

All guides have been reviewed and updated to reflect legislation current at 1 July 2016.

Insurance flyers
Business insurance
Income protection
Life insurance
Life insurance explained
Managing your personal risk
TPD insurance
Trauma insurance
Investing flyers
Dollar cost averaging explained
Investing in shares
Investment platforms
Investment risk and return
Investment risk profiles
Model portfolios
Saving and investing - the fundamentals
Understanding gearing
Retirement flyers
Aged care - making an informed decision
Centrelink and DVA Service Pension
Centrelink payments and entitlements and work bonus
Managing longevity risk
What is an annuity
What is a re-contribution strategy?
Superannuation flyers
Upcoming super changes – 1 July 2017
Choosing the right super fund
Consolidating your super
Defined benefits schemes
Package your super and pay less tax!
Salary sacrifice or Government super co-contribution
Self-managed superannuation funds
Splitting superannuation contributions
Superannuation: understanding the basics
What is a binding death benefit nomination?
Budget 2017/18
Other flyers
Capital gains tax explained
Estate planning
Managing debt
Receiving a redundancy payment