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  • Centrelink 03/10/2014

    Centrelink have recently posted out a letter with information about the changes starting from 1 January 2015. Please find below a few details about the changes and how they may impact you.

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  • Moving into residential aged care 21/08/2014

    Moving into residential aged care is an important transition in most people’s lives; it could be your parents, family friends or even yourselves. It is a confusing and emotional time — but as with many of life’s big decisions the best approach is to arm yourself with the facts and seek guidance from specialists.

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  • The common ingredients of wealth creation 07/05/2014

    Here at Bridges Sunshine Coast we often get asked how do people create enough wealth over their working lives to retire. We have thought about the common themes of our wealthier clients and have come up with the following ingredients of wealth creation:

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