Financial advice makes a difference

Many people consider financial advice to be advice limited to a particular product or investment, such as a managed fund or their superannuation fund.

An investment or product recommendation is really only one part of the financial advice process. When a financial planner provides personal advice to clients, this normally involves advice and recommendations tailored to meet the client's needs, goals and objectives.

Taking the needs, goals and objectives of the client into consideration, a financial planner will normally consider aspects such as cash flow requirements and tax-effectiveness, planned expenditures, investment structures suitable to the clients' circumstances, estate planning, asset protection, access to age pension if applicable and at the appropriate stage of a clients' lifecycle effective strategies to meet aged care accommodation costs.

One further very important consideration is "how do you want your money invested?" This last issue is normally addressed after discussion is held regarding the client's investment risk profile in order that a client is comfortable and understands what they are investing in and the nature and characteristics of the investment they would be holding in their portfolio.

Bridges and your financial planner, Carl Lao, will assist you in the financial advice process, and demonstrate the difference quality and professional advice can make to your personal circumstance, whether you are accumulating for retirement, approaching retirement or need advice during your retirement years.

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