Aged care advice

When it comes to aged care, there’s a lot to think about and it’s important to get it right but that’s where we can help. A Bridges financial planner can help you make an informed decision so that the move into aged care is as easy as possible.

We’ll tailor a plan based on your individual circumstances and needs to help you:

  • understand the aged care options (moving into an aged care facility or remaining within the home)
  • assess your financial situation
  • make a budget that includes your daily care fees so there are no unexpected surprises
  • fund your aged care fees including the payment of a deposit for the accommodation costs
  • structure your finances and help with means testing for both your aged pension and aged care fees
  • understand the impact on your age pension and Centrelink/DVA benefits
  • help you determine if you need to sell the family home or retain and rent it
  • make your money last as long as possible
  • understand how it will affect your estate plan.

To find out more about aged care options make an appointment with a Bridges financial planner.