Write down your goals and be more likely to succeed

Whether your goals are to pay off your home loan sooner, retire early or go on an overseas holiday every couple of years, there’s a simple and powerful way to improve your chances of achieving them. Write them down and make a plan*.

That’s right. Research has concluded that people who write down their goals are more likely to succeed. That’s why we’ve developed the My Goals website to help you do exactly that.

The My Goals website allows you to:

  • select from a number of common goals, rate them by importance and set a time frame for achieving them
  • include detailed steps to achieve your goals to help you stay on track
  • add your own goals that are important to you.

Once you’re done, we’ll send your free goals report to you – personalised and prioritised.

To get started, go to the My Goals website.

* Research study by Dr. G Matthews, Dominican University, California, 2016.