Why choose a managed fund?

Investing in a managed fund is an easy way to achieve a level of diversification within your investment portfolio. This type of investment allows you to invest in one or multiple asset classes such as shares, property, fixed interest and cash.

The beauty of a managed fund is that because your money is pooled with that of other investors you get access to investments not usually available to individual investors. Not only that, but managed funds are managed by investment professionals on your behalf. 

You can get started with as little as $1,000 as an initial investment and set up a regular savings plan, of say $200 per month, or make additional investments to your fund at any time.

Although managed funds make it easier to invest, there are still some decisions to make such as choosing your fund type and investment mix.

Investing directly into shares

Compared to managed funds, investing directly in shares requires thorough research, investment knowledge and time to manage your investment. There are many factors that will influence the performance of shares so it's important you understand the risks involved.

For more information on investing in shares please read our Investing in shares guide or go to our section on Stockbroking.

So, whether you want to do it yourself, or leave it to a professional, that's where we can help. Our financial planners have access to a dedicated team who research investment options – whether it's managed funds or direct shares. 

To find out more about managed funds make an appointment with a Bridges financial planner.