Smith Family's pilot online tutoring program

The Smith Family's latest research report 'Improving young Australians' literacy and numeracy: The Catch-Up Learning program' was recently released, and the results are really promising!

Whilst every parent wants their child to be healthy, happy and financially secure, figuring out how to get them there is another thing.Research shows a clear and persistent relationship in Australia between young people's socioeconomic background and the educational and post-school outcomes they achieve. While these gaps existed before the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a risk that the achievement gap between students in need and their more advantaged peers will worsen due to COVID-19.

The pandemic led to remote learning for many students and there are significant concerns about the impact of this on educational outcomes. For many families experiencing disadvantage, remote schooling exacerbates already challenging situations.

In response, The Smith Family piloted Catch-Up Learning, a new online tutoring program - with qualified teachers providing one-on-one sessions in literacy and numeracy to students on their Learning for Life program. This was a small pilot, but there is very promising evidence of its capacity to engage students and support greater than expected gains in literacy and numeracy for students who are struggling in these areas. In fact, 86% of students who participated made above expected progress in either literacy or numeracy.

Read or download the full report here

At Bridges, we believe that a good education provides a strong foundation for all young people to realise their potential, which is why we're proud to support The Smith Family and their work.