Bridges Community Program

At Bridges, we are committed to helping people make sound financial decisions and so we are extremely pleased to announce that we have commenced a community program to help financial literacy amongst disadvantaged people in Australia.

There are two components of the program:

  • Partnering with The Smith Family to help young people gain a Certificate in Financial Services
  • Community grants of up to $30,000 to fund charitable organisations that run their own financial literacy programs.

Below is more information on the program and how you can get involved.

The Smith Family partnership

Our key focus in partnering with The Smith Family is to support them in delivering their financial education program which allows students to gain a Certificate 1 in Financial Services.

The program, aimed at disadvantaged children between 15 and 17 years of age, equips students with financial know-how and tools to increase their confidence in making financial decisions. The students The Smith Family supports are all living in low-income families so supporting these students to build their financial capability helps them plan for a more positive financial future.

They will learn about:

  • budgeting
  • debt and consumer credit
  • benefits of superannuation.

“Our involvement in this initiative aligns perfectly with our business because we exist to help people make sound financial decisions. The opportunity to provide skills to the most financially disadvantaged members of the community is a cause we are extremely passionate about.

We are looking forward to seeing the positive difference this partnership can make to the community. In addition, our network of financial planners are looking forward to the opportunity to become actively involved in their local communities by participating in programs such as ‘iTrack’, an online mentoring program.” - Nathan Stanton, CEO of Bridges Financial Services.

What is the iTrack online mentoring program?

The Smith Family's iTrack online mentoring program connects students to adult mentors who provide advice and help them explore post-school options.

Become a mentor without leaving your desk!

The Smith Family has ambitions to match over 1,300 young people with mentors in 2017 and they need our support. All our Bridges planners and employees are encouraged to apply and we would like to extend the opportunity to management and staff of our valued alliance partners. If you or your staff are interested, please seek approval from your respective managers, as the mentoring will involve an hour per week during business hours.

What do you need to become a mentor?

All you need is a Working with Children check card and one hour per week during business hours for six months.

“I enjoyed learning new things my mentor told me. She taught me things that I didn’t know (which was really useful), she encouraged me to be more confident and she's one of the best mentors ever.” The Smith Family mentee

How to apply

Apply now for opportunities to mentor in the May-September and July-December phases. Please email and we’ll send you the relevant application forms and answer any questions you may have.

Bridges community grant

We are actively looking to support community organisations that are delivering programs to improve financial literacy to those within our community who may be disadvantaged.

Community organisations can apply for funding of up to $30,000 per year for up to two years.

There are three key program areas:

1. Youth: Programs that are designed to educate the next generation, particularly through the formal education system.

2. Education: Programs that promote the increased use of free, impartial information, tools and resources to key audiences such as Indigenous Australians, pre-retirees, seniors and women.

3. Financial partnerships: Programs that are focused on providing quality services that provide targeted guidance and support and build the capacity of organisations who deliver programs to foster financial self-reliance.

How to apply

If you or an organisation or someone you know is interested in applying, please refer to the information on the Bridges website. Here you will find the Program guidelines, frequently asked questions and an application form. If you would like more information, please email