Stockbroking and advice services

We're one of the few financial planning organisations in Australia to also offer in-house stockbroking services.

As an ASX Market Participant since 1985, we help Australians buy and sell investments, including:

  • Australian shares
  • listed investments such as listed property trusts (LPTs) and hybrid securities
  • exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Our financial planners can help you evaluate your investments, develop a strategy, establish your own share portfolio and provide adjustment to ensure your portfolio is in line with your investment strategy on an ongoing basis.

Research reports

Your Bridges financial planner is backed by a team of experienced research analysts who provide your financial planner with detailed reports that summarise the overall market environment, as well as provide recommendations on individual shares. These help to ensure that a Bridges financial planner can provide you with effective and well-informed advice when managing your portfolio.

Find out more about financial planning and investment advice, watch our How a financial planner can help video.

How a financial planner can help

To find out more about our stockbroking services or for share investment advice, make an appointment with a Bridges financial planner.