• Ageing and aged care in Australia 22.11.18

    The number of people aged 65 and over in Australia is projected to more than double, to 8.8 million, over the next 40 years1. This will undoubtedly increase the need for aged care in the community and put pressure on families and Government funding.

  • Estate planning for overseas assets 03.11.18

    With one in four Australians born overseas and almost half of us with a parent born overseas1, it makes sense that you or your family may have a home or other assets located outside Australia. While this is positive for your overall wealth it may impact your estate plan.

  • Write down your goals and be more likely to succeed 29.10.18

    Whether your goals are to pay off your home loan sooner, retire early or go on an overseas holiday every couple of years, there’s a simple and powerful way to improve your chances of achieving them.

  • Investment market review – quarter-ended 30 September 2018 10.10.18

    The Research Team provides a performance summary and commentary on each of the five main asset classes.

  • The rising cost of cybercrime 15.09.18

    Last year, more than six million consumers — one in three Australian adults — fell victim to identity theft, credit card fraud or had their passwords compromised. This cost the Australian economy more than $2.3 billion, and, at an individual level, cost each victim an average of approximately $195 and 16.2 hours (or more than two business days) to rectify. We explain a few common traps that you should watch out for to protect yourself online.