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Bridges is able to help show you a clear-eyed view of the road ahead. From real-time modelling of your goals and finances via Wealth Central, to savings calculators charting the impact of financial guidance over time — our tools make financial planning that little bit easier. Because when you can visualise it, you can understand it. 

Discover Wealth Central

It has never been easier to visualise your finances Wealth Central is a highly engaging and interactive way to quickly understand your financial position, model your goals and receive valuable insights.

Financial calculators

Our calculators are here to support you at every stage of your financial journey — simulating a variety of situations to help you and your finances.

Retirement planner calculator

Retirement is a significant moment in our lives, but getting there isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s a great idea to understand your savings and whether you’re on target to reach your goals. Enter your details into the retirement planner to find out. 

Budget Planner calculator

Don’t let your money fall down the sofa! The Budget Planner helps you track your financial ins and outs so you can get a better understanding of your money. It’s detailed but easy to use and a great help. Take a look at the Budget Planner today. 

Super contributions calculator

With the super contributions optimiser you can work out the most appropriate way to grow your nest egg through personal super top ups or Government contributions.


Savings calculator

Getting a better sense of how much you can save over time is a great way to start visualising your finances and all the ways you can reach your goals. Our savings calculator does just that. Give it a whirl. 

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All these calculators are a great start to getting a better sense of your finances. However, they don’t provide exact answers as your personal circumstances have not been considered.

That’s where a Bridges Financial Planner can make all the difference.

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We’re proud to be a little bit different from some of the other Financial Planners out there. 

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