Wealth Central and the Wealth Report

You can run your work life and your social life online, now you can run your financial life online too, with Wealth Central. It’s Australia’s premier financial advice platform, and it’s your ticket to a whole new world of convenience, clarity, control and confidence.

To give you a taste of how Wealth Central can complement your financial journey, we invite you to complete your complimentary Wealth Report which is designed to assist you in understanding your current financial position.

Should your circumstances change, the report can be updated at anytime. 

The report can help identify:

  • Estimated super balance at retirement;
  • Projected income, expenses and cash flow;
  • Anticipated periods of high expenses within your budget;
  • Whether you are on track to meet your individual goals; and
  • If you can afford that new home, or planned renovations to your existing one.

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