Protect your family and your legacy

Protecting the things you love most starts by protecting yourself.

Facing the uncertain

We don’t know what’s around the corner — but we can make sure that our family and loved ones are looked after.

Bridges are here to ensure lost income is replaced, debt can be repaid, and recovery is swift, if the unexpected should happen.

Making the tough conversations that little bit easier

If insurance is sitting in your 'too-hard' basket, you're not alone – the majority of Australians are underinsured. And sadly, many people don't realise the real value of insurance until it's too late.

We take immense pride in having real, genuine conversations — asking the right questions, taking away the stress and providing clarity to yourself and your family.

The main types of personal insurance

Life insurance

Protecting your legacy by providing your family, friends and beneficiaries with a lump sum payment. We’re here to make sure debts can be repaid and even invest savings to provide an ongoing income.

Income protection

Your ability to earn an income is one of your most valuable assets — that’s why it’s so important to ensure it is protected. Typically, an income protection policy can pay you up to 70% of your salary.

For more information see our Income protection guide (PDF, 150KB)

Total and permanent disablement cover

These are hard conversations to have, but it’s important to understand the impact of significant injury or illness. With total and permanent disablement (TPD) cover — you’re able to insure against lost income and cover additional expenses such as medical and/or rehab costs.

For more information see our TPD insurance guide (PDF, 157KB).

Trauma and crisis insurance cover

Trauma or crisis cover provides a lump sum payment to help you recover from a traumatic event such as a heart attack, cancer or stroke. Taking away financial pressures at some of life’s most challenging moments can also have a huge positive impact on rehabilitation and stress.

For more information see our Trauma insurance guide (PDF, 156KB).

Business expense insurance

Business insurance covers the costs of running your business in the event of extended illness or injury.

For more information see our Business insurance guide (PDF, 149KB).

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Let's talk

Sometimes it helps to have a guide by your side. Get in touch with Bridges and together we can begin to plan your insurance needs and make sure your loved ones are protected.