At Bridges, all our services are conversation driven.

We’ll never recommend anything until we’ve got to know your situation, needs and goals first — then we work together to plan your steps to financial freedom.


Retirement planning

Whether you’re thinking about retirement or moments away from taking the leap, Bridges can help you understand your income needs and work together to create the right retirement strategies.


When it comes to your financial future, Super plays a critical role. At Bridges we look to maximise your Super, no matter where you are in life, by reviewing strategies, performance, fees and more.

Investment services

Working with our Financial Planners, gurus and researchers to develop the right investment plans that are unique to you — building wealth and replacing income.

Personal insurance

Protecting your family and loved ones starts by looking after the most important thing in life — you. We’re here to make sure lost income is replaced, debt can be repaid, and recovery is swift, if the unexpected should happen.

Cash flow management

Understanding your financial ‘ins and outs’ so you can track your spending, budgeting, and increase cashflow. Visualise your finances with the Wealth Central tool.

Estate planning

Putting the plans in place to protect your family and your assets, while taking away unnecessary stresses and financial hardships — ensuring you’re able to support future generations and control your legacy.

Aged care support

Helping you make an informed decision so any move into aged care is as seamless as possible — whether it’s for yourself, your spouse or an aging loved one.

What journey are you on?

There are so many moments in life when financial guidance can make all the difference. By understanding your life stage, you can begin to map the steps to financial freedom and give your money purpose.

See the road ahead

Bridges is able to show you a clear-eyed view of the road ahead. From real-time modelling of your goals and finances via Wealth Central, to saving calculators charting the impact of financial guidance over time — our tools make financial planning that little bit easier. Because when you can visualise it, you can understand it.

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Our approach

How we work with clients to build a brighter future.

The value of financial advice

Just one conversation has the power to change everything.