Genuinely good conversations that help people

With a financial guide at your side, your journey to a brighter future has just begun.

In a world where more Australians are striving for financial independence every year, the need for financial guidance is greater than ever. We’re on a mission to make quality financial guidance accessible to all who need it.

Life is a journey. So is financial guidance.

Our team are here to map and guide your steps to financial freedom. Understand where you are in life, reach your goals and feel good about it all.

We’re here for your unique journey; beside you every step of the way.

Frank from the start

Alongside your Bridges Financial Planner, you’ll have the support of a full team of experts. We’ll start by listening and getting to know you, so we can provide guidance that genuinely works for you.

In everything we do, we’re committed to doing what we say, frank conversations, acting in your best interests and serving you with integrity. That’s the Bridges way.

We’re a community

With 175 years of expertise behind us as part of Insignia Financial, we’re proud of a history that saw us founded to protect working families. Today this progressive story continues in our close partnerships with The Smith Family and other community-hearted organisations. Together we’re creating an Australia where every community can build a brighter future.