Life is a journey. So is financial guidance.

There are so many moments in life when financial guidance can make all the difference. By understanding your life stage, you can begin to get a clearer picture of your finances and start giving your money purpose.

What journey are you on?

Discover where you are and where you want to go in life — so we can help get you there.

Starting out - The Trailblazers


This is typically someone 20 — 29 years old that might be considering their first major financial decision — like getting married or buying their first home.

How we can help

These key life moments should feel exciting and full of possibilities! But, without the right plans in place, they can prove costly and stressful.

At Bridges we work with you to ensure you understand your immediate financial position, we review your finances, budget and cashflow, so you can get a better sense of what’s possible and start making those dreams a reality.

Building wealth - The Go Getters


Australians 30 — 49 years old, spinning plates and kicking goals. Go Getters typically have a heck of a lot on, managing family, work and reacting to unforeseen events — all while trying to increase their savings and assets. They’re looking to enjoy what they have but still start building for the future.

How we can help

Whether it’s school fees, moving home, changing careers, investing or simply protecting what you have — there are so many things to think about as a Go Getter. We’re here to help you wade through the uncertainty and make sure your money is working as hard as you do — developing a strategy built around your goals, hopes and aspirations.

Planning for retirement - The Escape Artists


People aged 50 — 66 years old ready to take that venture into the great unknown! Escape Artists are actively thinking about retirement and planning for the later stages in life. They’re trying to find the right time to transition into retirement — whether it’s slowly or in one mighty leap.

How we can help

Retirement is a significant moment to say the least, and it’s important to understand the implications so you can make transition — stress-free and packed with adventures. At Bridges we do just that, working together to create a real, achievable roadmap that’s tailored to your lifestyle. The decisions you make now and the way you structure your finances will determine what type of a retirement lifestyle you will live.

Enjoying retirement - The Free Spirits


Those who are already retired, typically 67-79, drawing down on their wealth, ticking off their bucket list and protecting their family. For most, life has not slowed down. They’re looking to support their kids and help their grandchildren get along in life — but not at the expense of their own life and health.

How we can help

Even in retirement a financial plan is essential. After all, time is one of life’s great unknowns. Whether it’s your super or your investments; dividends or rent — we’re here to make your money go further and support you to protect your loved ones.

Twilight years - The Legacy Makers


Those who are in their 80s and onwards looking to support future generations and control their legacy.

How we can help

Your legacy matters. Whether it’s putting the plans in place to look after your family and assets or making key decisions relating to aged care — we’re here to take away the financial stresses and help guide you along the path.

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