Bridges donating to 'Money Talks' program

Bridges donating to 'Money Talks' program

Financial literacy is a fundamental skill for young Australians to effectively handle their finances and make informed decisions. However, not all young Australians are financially literate.

People identified as least ‘financially literate’ include young people aged 25 and under, those with no formal post-secondary education and those with relatively low levels of income and assets1. Taking this into consideration Bridges are donating $100,000 to The Smith Family’s Money Talks program.

These funds will help support students in Years 10-12 to learn the skills needed to successfully manage their money and make informed choices. As students progress on the Money Talks program, they develop essential skills in budgeting, savings, debt, consumer credit, superannuation, the Australian financial system and markets and taxation. These skills are vital because research shows people with a limited understanding of money and their finances are more likely to have lower education levels, be unemployed, receive lower incomes and have minimal savings2.

The Smith Family has collaborated with leading educators and subject matter experts to ensure that students undertaking the Money Talks program have an engaging, relatable, and interactive educational experience.

By participating in the Money Talks programs, students have the opportunity to gain a Certificate I in Basic Financial Literacy, a nationally recognised qualification delivered on behalf of Youth Development and Training, Registered Training Organisation.

In 2022 the Money Talks Pilot program delivered proven results – 86% of enrolled students reported increased knowledge of debt. 97% of students agreed that saving is important and 86% of students reported increased confidence in making financial decisions.

"The program was structured well and was easy to understand" says a Money Talks 2022 student.

By continuing to support the Money Talks program, we can contribute to enhancing the financial wellbeing of young Australians who face educational inequality.

Visit to find out more about The Smith Family and their work.

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2 ANZ Survey of Adult Financial Literacy in Australia (May 2003)