Stephanie had always wanted to go to Europe. At 73, her children were all grown up (although she did sometimes wonder!) and there were a couple of grandchildren running around and she adored all of them.

Her number one priority was to make sure she could take care of her family, but she dared to dream a little. Was it possible to do both? She started talking to a Bridges Financial Planner about what was achievable.

The first thing Stephanie wanted to do was understand her assets and estate to get a clear picture of the wealth she could leave behind. Together, we helped her set up a family trust to make sure her loved ones would be protected and that a solid portion of her wealth was set aside.

Then it was onto the fun stuff! By setting up some low-risk, income investments — we were able to increase her replacement income for the long-term, which freed up enough of her Super to make that trip to Europe a reality. A few meetings later to ensure she was comfortable with the plan and could visualise the path we had mapped out, and those flights were booked!

When it comes to retirement, time is one of the great unknowns — but with the next decade mapped out financially, and her family looked after, Stephanie had the confidence to put herself first for a change. It’s a great feeling — giving Australians the knowledge to feel good about their financial futures.

Spain, France, Croatia, Italy… with a clear, ongoing financial plan, Stephanie was going to follow the sun and make a few more, new memories whilst her health and fitness levels permitted. After all, it’s never too late.

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